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We know it’s a big decision - here are our most Frequently Asked Questions if you’re still on the fence:

Does your package cost include other tour prices?

No. I only guide the hiking tours. There is an additional fee if you want to book a biking, canyoneering or other tour with a certified Moab guide company.

What if we love adventure but aren’t very extreme, or super fit?

Adventure is for ALL levels! We will work together to find a location and activity which is appropriate for you and your family. I can recommend locations for all ages and fitness levels.

What if we just want formal family portraits, and no adventure at all?

Families that want an adventure are my priority. There are times in the hot season, like July, where I can book formal-only sessions, and the cost is the same.

Can the grandparents or other family members come?

Of course! They can come to both or just the formal session and we will pick an adventure that fits their fitness and abilities.

How many pictures will I have to choose from?

I can’t guarantee any specific amount since all sessions and conditions are unique. However, you can expect an average of 20-30 images per hour booked.

Can I buy all the digital files?

Yes, there is a package upgrade option which includes all the digitals.

Can I choose different digitals to buy than the prints I purchase?

Yes! You can pick your digitals separate from your printed keepsakes.

What is the turnaround time for the gallery?

2-4 weeks.

Can I share my print credit with family?

Yes. You can provide them access to the gallery with your email and gallery password to use your print credit.

What if a 3 hour adventure is too much for us or the kids?

No worries, we can create a shorter adventure and get the same great images.

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