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Moab Landscape Photography

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Meet Tyson


Tyson is first and foremost a mountain biker. Since the age of 3, he has been riding bikes, and since age 10 he's been mountain biking. Tyson's dad would drop him off at the Slickrock Bike Trail and tell him to ride home whenever he was done, he was 11 at this time and this was before cell phones.  

"As a kid, my parents gave me a pretty long leash to do what made me happy. Growing up in Moab with the ability to go way out in the desert with my bike helped me develop a deep love and connection to the land that I now love capturing and sharing through my lens.  Although I do go out and capture the classic shots you've probably seen around, I also strive to find those special places, different angles and shoot in the moodiest weather moments."

Tyson Landscape Photographer
Rays Across Canyonlands - Tyson

Rays Across Canyonlands

Evening rays beaming through a dusty spring scene over the White Rim in Canyonlands National Park.

White Rim Monsoon Tyson Photography

White Rim Monsoon

During a long dry summer the desert receives a gift from above as a summer monsoon storm dances across the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park. 


Towers of the Maze

The last rays of spring light splash the Towers of the Maze in the Canyonlands National park. 

Wingate Moon - Tyson Photography

Wingate Moon

An unexpected break in cloud cover revealed this huge full moon rising along the cliffline of a lone Wingate butte. 

Frozen Arch - Tyson Photography Print

Frozen Arch 

This day was pure magic! A fog layer had settled over the Moab area, and sitting at the top of that fog layer was the Windows District in Arches National Park. Pictured here is the North Window in Arches National Park.

Colorado Dead Horse - Tyson Photography Print

Colorado Dead Horse 

A view of the Colorado River from Dead Horse Point State Park.

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