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Moab Landscape Photography
Corie and Tyson the Photographers


We’re Moab Elopement & Family Adventure Photographers

Corie & Tyson

A mountain bike stunt man and a bon vivant walk into a bar…

No really - that’s our story!


Well, it was an after party at a Moab mountain bike festival, but you get the idea! I (Corie) was oh-so impressed by Tyson’s featured mountain bike film, so I tracked him down and gave him my number.

Happily ever after...


Meet Corie


magic maker, trail expert
and life of the party

Okay, you should just know right now that I am a BUNDLE of energy! I want your session to be all about connection and embracing the present moment. I want you to leave this adventure we co-create together overflowing with joy, exhausted from belly laughs and with a bit of red dirt under your nails! 


Adventure is life’s greatest teacher. The Alaskan backcountry taught me how to embrace the wild. Commercial fishing taught me respect for the environment. Photography school taught me how to see things differently. 5 years as a mountain biking guide taught me how to safely immerse people in the elements. Everything in life has led me to this moment, helping you discover with joy the best locations and activities around Moab.


Yes, epic photos are important to me, but your experience is bigger than that. 

Great photos, like all good things in life, are rooted in fun. Embrace the ebb and flow of things with me, and let yourself simply be!

Meet Tyson


location and logistics pro,
landscape and print expert

Everything Corie said, but also, the fact that we can capture a fraction of a second that can mean so much to someone is electrifying! Getting to share Moab, this deeply enchanting place I grew up, is a privilege. 


My dad was an incredible artist and silversmith. I grew up around lots of cameras, immersed in a creative state of mind because of him. I remember being a kid going through his old slides and playing with his old cameras, so it’s probably no surprise that by my mid 20s, my friends and I had started a media company here in Moab. 


We built a trail named Captain Ahab and time-lapsed a lot of the construction. We ended up making a video to go along with the trail opening and it blew up - it was played at 3 fairly major film festivals - one of which Corie attended. She really did track me down to the bar and give me her number (and yeah haha, I felt pretty cool!)


Now here we are, 6 years later, combining our skills to document other adventure loving folks in Moab.


Sweet words from even sweeter people:

Corie’s style of photography is so wholesome, and we loved how so much of it was rooted in finding deeper connections with self, each other, and environment.



Are you in
or are you in!?

Let’s get on a call and find out if we’re a match.

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