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newlywed couple walking together at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park

Local Moab Adventure & Wedding Photographers

Capturing Memories for Adventurous Souls Across the Southwest Desert and Beyond

Moab Adventure Photography for Fun-Loving Families
+ Outdoor Obsessed Couples

Wanna kick some red dirt together?

Moab is MAGICAL. Your time here will be otherworldly - and over in a flash. Are you a family wanting to spend some quality play-time together? Are you a madly in love couple craving an elopement under the arches? We’ve got ya covered!

couple holding hands with sun rays
sister and brother at Dead Horse Point Moab Utah
family photoshoot during sunset in Moab Utah
couple celebrating their anniversary with a bottle of champagne in Moab Utah
sun rays

FAQ: What even are Moab adventure photos?

A: Ummm - a chance to play with your kids, check off your #bucketlisttravels and add some fresh frames to your photo wall!

There are some moments in life that deserve a bit of extra hype. If outdoor adventures are your escape and a way to bond with the ones you love most, then this type of thing is for you!

couple during sunset adventure photoshoot off road
ripped paper

Photos are a doorway into your past. They help you celebrate these core moments of your life indefinitely. They’re way more than pixels. They’re portals into your favorite memories.

feather pattern

What’s Up!

We’re Corie + Tyson

Two local Moabites, obsessed with mountain biking, outdoor guiding, fun facts about rocks and laughing outloud!

To make our rom-com origin story short: we met at a mountain bike festival in Moab. We instantly bonded over our obsession for all things bikes and photos, and then, each other. Corie is the lead magic maker, mountain bike guide and photographer, and Tyson is the born and raised Moab local, landscape photographer and assistant.


Corie’s got adventure in her bones (years as a mountain bike guide and an upbringing in the wild corners of Alaska will do that to a girl!) Tyson too, since he’s worked as a mountain bike stunt man for some pretty cool projects. If you’re familiar with the Honda Element, an IMAX movie called Top Speed, and the film 127 Hours, you’ve maybe seen him in action.


Fast forward – it’s the 2020s and we’ve decided to go all in. We’ve combined our love for Moab, mountain biking and photography to make sure you have the best time imaginable here. 


We’re explorers to the bone, and want to share that with anyone and everyone who will join us on the trails!

film strip of Corie and Tyson
family mountain biking photography


what to expect

Seriously, it’s really easy to hang out with us.

• You contact us, we send over a pricing brochure


We hop on a call and co-create a plan


We follow up with your contract and booking info


You sign and pay your retainer




Before your session I will send all the deets.


You get:


Google map directions to get you there


A weather link so you can know what to expect


What gear to bring


• Meeting Notes


Tips on how to dress (what shoes to wear, how to pack your things, reminders about headlamps, sunscreen, water, and - oh yeah, please don’t forget to eat!)

family bike ride photo shoot
mountain biking in Moab Utah
family mountain biking during sunset
ripped paper

Don’t let your Moab adventures fade to the back of your mind (or worse, that blurry, far-flung corner of your iPhone’s photo app…you know the one.)

desert illustration

Kind words from some very cool people:

Corie shot our engagement photos and everything from the moment I met her to the​ ​photos she took was absolutely amazing! Corie was a joy to work with and helped Jordan & I relax and be ourselves in front of the camera! I couldn't imagine a better experience through it all. We continue to get compliments on the color and quality of the shots. If you're looking for a professional photographer with great knowledge of Moab and their craft look no further!
wedding couple during sunset overlooking a beautiful view in Moab Utah


living room with photographs on the wall

Free your Photos with Print..

                      don’t doom your images to a life sentence behind the screen!

Please -

Call us old school - but prints are new school (again). You know how polaroids are making a comeback? Well, it’s not for their quality. It’s because “pics” are a dime a dozen in our digital world, but prints are unique.


Take it from Corie, the early 00’s social butterfly with her infamous disposable camera photo wall: your photos aren’t the life of the party until they’re printed.

We help and encourage you to let your digital files live their best IRL life!

red rock desert landscape in Moab Utah

Planning Guides and Resources
for Moab Photo Sessions

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? I’ve got a blog for that:

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