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We know it’s a big decision - here are our most Frequently Asked Questions if you’re still on the fence:

How many photos come with each package?

You can expect at least 25-35 photos per hour of coverage!

Can I hire you for 4 hours?

Of course! But you would still have to purchase the 6-hour package if you have multiple guests or add 1 hour of coverage to the 3-hour Simple Elopement.

Can I do 2 hours of coverage in the morning and 4 hours in the evening?

The Moab Adventure Package currently offers “split” coverage. All other packages are “continuous” coverage, but let’s talk about how that can work!

Do you offer albums?

Yes! You can add an album to any package at booking and save 40%. Additional albums after that are 30% off when added at booking.

Why is there a 7-hour minimum for weddings larger than 45 people?

With more people and more moving parts we have found that seven hours is the perfect amount of time to capture all the whole story of your day. With a crafted 7 hour schedule, everything will be covered with ease!

What is an adventure session add-on?

An adventure session is a session focused around an activity, such as you and your family taking a hike. I tag along to photograph it!

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