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Family Adventure Session

Moab Family Photography Mountain Biking

You’re looking for things to do with kids in Moab that they’ll remember forever. Experiences that will bring you closer as a family. Vacation photographs that show genuine smiles instead of forced fun. There’s nothing better for making memories in Moab than going on an adventure with your family - be it hiking, mountain biking, or canyoneering. As a retired mountain bike guide and current Moab family photographer, I’ll be there every step of the way to capture this unique experience with your loved ones, and we’ll wrap up your adventure day with stunning sunset photos (don’t worry - you’ll have time to shower!).

Moab Family Photography Photoshoot

How the Family Adventure Session Works

Family Canyoneering Photography Tour in Slot Canyon

My Family Adventure Sessions are made up of two parts. We will meet in the morning for your activity of choice, which takes anywhere from one to five hours, depending on what you choose. You’ll be done in time for lunch and an afternoon to relax and refresh. We will meet up right before sunset for a formal portrait session just in time for the golden hour.

“What would we have done without you? You helped us plan a full day of fun!”

Family Photoshoot at sunset in Moab Utah

Activity Options

You can choose either hiking, mountain biking, or canyoneering. Hiking takes 1-3 hours, and we can do it in one of the national parks, outside of Fisher Towers, near Corona Arch, or on any one of Moab’s other beautiful trails. If you’re experienced in mountain biking, we can go on a self-guided ride, which takes 1-3 hours. I’ll help you create the perfect itinerary including where to rent bikes, and choosing the best trails for your skill level. If you want to try mountain biking with a guide (a 4-5 hour commitment), I have a list of preferred companies that I would be happy to share with you.

Moab Family Photography Photoshoot Hiking

Canyoneering takes 4-5 hours but is the ultimate well-rounded adventure!

You and your family will utilize hiking, rappelling, scrambling, down-climbing, bouldering, and sometimes even swimming to travel safely through a canyon. I can help you pick a professional tour to fit both your experience and fitness levels.

Moab Family Photography Photoshoot kids hiking

Unsure What You Should Do?

No problem! Book a free adventure consultation, and we’ll talk about what you and your family want to remember most from your Moab family vacation. I’ll ask about your family’s adventure experience, fitness levels, and comfort zones so we can make a plan. If you choose to utilize a tour company, I will connect you to the best professionals in town and help coordinate schedules and availability.

“It was like a photo shoot and a guided tour.”

Moab Family Photography Photoshoot hiking

Sunset Portraits in Moab

Moab Family Photography Photoshoot Sunset

After a morning of fun, we’ll meet later that day (one hour before sunset) at a drive-up location where you’ll enjoy the beautify of Moab at sunset while I take some photos of your family. The true magic of the Family Adventure Session is after spending all day with me, your kids are already relaxed, they had a fun and exciting day, and they’re ready to be themselves and show me their real smiles.

“You made it so easy to get the experience we wanted.”

Moab Family Photography Photoshoot at Sunset

Who is this Experience For?

Moab Family Photography Photoshoot Arches National Park

The Family Adventure Session is for families of all ages who want candid photos of everyone (that’s right, mom - you finally get included!). You’ll get to put away your camera, play with your kids, and just be in the moment.

If you have teens who roll their eyes when you mention taking professional photos, this is perfect for you! I can help your kids connect with the camera in a way you’ve never seen before. I’m confident this experience will be the highlight of their Moab family vacation.

If you’re looking for things to do with kids in Moab that they’ll actually enjoy (maybe even more than you), then say no more. Let’s do this!

Moab Family Photography Photoshoot Kids

- Written By Corie Spruill


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