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My Favorite Adventure Elopements in Moab

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of amazing couples contact me about photographing their adventure elopement in Moab. But when I look back at all of these super special people and moments, there are 3 elopements that stand out. It’s not because the weather was perfect, the view was pristine, or their outfits were completely on-trend… it’s because these couples were such genuinely sweet, caring, and authentic people who just wanted me to capture their connection with each other and their surroundings. Now that’s perfection in my book.

Alex & Rich’s Post-Wedding Sunset Photos

Alex and Rich had visited Moab before and knew just how special it was. They planned a small wedding in Colorado, then came to Moab and had me take their wedding photos. The best part about spending this time with them is they weren’t just there to have some pictures taken. This time in Moab was truly part of their wedding experience and they wanted to take it all in and really remember the moment together. Their only real requests from me were red rocks, a stunning view, and the sunset. Check, check, and check!

Stefanie & Jason’s Jeeping Adventure Elopement

Stefanie and Jason were from the midwest but loved Jeeping. When they contacted me, they had a loose idea of what they wanted, but needed some guidance putting it all together. Stefanie shared their vision with me, and I helped them choose a location that would bring them their ultimate end goal: to say their vows with a beautiful view. To make sure we incorporated Jeeping into their special day, we drove through a beautiful canyon before arriving at their ceremony location at Deadhorse Point State Park. Through the entire planning process, Stefanie and Jason always understood that the whole point was to get married, and even when our plans shifted slightly, they still ended up with that beautiful view for their “I Dos.”

Sarah & David Harley-Loving Moab Elopement

It was while visiting the Southwest together that Sarah and David first fell in love. So when they decided to get married, they immediately knew that a Moab elopement was the way to go. When we chatted about their plans, they told me they wanted their wedding photos to include their Harleys, a taste of the “wild west”, and a beautiful Moab sunset with an epic view. This sounded right up my alley!

Sarah and David were totally flexible with their plans and trusted that I would bring their vision to life (and then some). In the end, my favorite part of the entire day was their champagne celebration and toast to being newlyweds.

What These Adventure Elopements in Moab All

Had in Common

It was the truly special people! Each of them had a personal connection to Moab, so it was more than just pretty pictures to them. They all came to me with a vision, but listened to my input and advice, and were flexible with their plans. They all trusted their day would turn out amazing (and it did!). And they all walked away from the experience so happy with their decision, their special day, and the resulting photos.

- Written By Corie Spruill


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