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Things To Do in Moab: Couples Session

Moab Couples Photoshoot

There are so many fun and adventurous things to do in Moab, but have you considered something that’s specifically for couples?

My Moab Experience photoshoot is more than just pictures. It’s a chance to create lifelong memories with your partner - perfect for an anniversary, engagement, or just for the fun of it. You’ll spend 90 minutes exploring and connecting with your special person, while I create artistic images you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

The thing that makes my couples session so different than other photoshoots or things to do in Moab is that it’s centered around your connection with your partner. Each couples session starts with a grounding and connection exercise. We’ll use eye contact, deep breathing, and moments of mindfulness to draw out and deepen your bond before we start taking pictures. The best part about this is you don’t need to be a professional model to nail the photos. The one and only thing you need to worry about during the photoshoot is connecting with each other, which you do perfectly every single day.

“We haven’t connected like this in a while.”

Moab Couples Photoshoot Canyons

Choosing a Location for Your Couples Session

Moab Couples Photoshoot Epic Views

No matter where we take your photos, it’s guaranteed to be a magical experience for you as a couple. But there are a few different ways we can choose a location, depending on how much of an adventure you’re up for.

Hike-In Location

My absolute favorite way to do a couples session is to hike to the spot. This ensures we will find a beautiful location where we’ll be the only people. The hikes are short but adventurous, so you’ll wear your hiking clothes and change into something fancier once we arrive. This option is perfect for couples who want to get away from the crowds to private, more intimate location where they can feel comfortable being themselves and taking up space. Hiking to our location requires a 3-hour commitment.

“It’s like a guided tour and a photoshoot!”

High Clearance Drive-In Locations

If you own or plan to rent a high clearance Jeep or SUV, let’s take it somewhere cool! Wondering what constitutes “high clearance”? It’s a vehicle that can go over obstacles in the road like large rocks and ruts and drive on roads that are generally unmaintained (called “Jeep roads” here in Moab). If you have one of these cars, we can take a short bumpy ride to one of my favorite locations. This is a safe but adventurous 2-hour commitment that will take us somewhere private.

“We never would have come here without your help. It was magical!”

Moab Couples Photoshoot Off Road Jeep

Drive-Up Locations

Drive-up locations are spots where you can park your car in a lot and walk only a short distance. These places tend to have a lot of people, but the locations are always guaranteed to be breathtaking. The upside to choosing a drive-up location is it has easy access, so you can come dressed up and ready for pictures.

“We are still beaming with how much fun we had last night. It far exceeded our expectations.”

Things To Do in Moab for Couples

Add this to your itinerary and let me take you and your sweetheart on an adventure to one of my favorite Moab locations. Your couples session will be an experience you never forget!

Moab Couples Photoshoot Arch Fancy Beautiful

- Written By Corie Spruill


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